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16 ounce Candle Double Wick Custom Made on Order.

100 % Soy Wax

70-80 burn time .

See Candle Scent in Product Option Section.

Candle Care:

*Burn candle for first time at least 2 hours until top layer is liquid. This will ensure candle wax burn evenly. Burn time 60 hours.

*Must keep wicks cut at 1/4, CD wicks mushroom so keeping at 1/4 avoid soot when burning.

*Burn away from Draft area and keep away from Children & Pets. Burn no more than 4 hours at one time.

* Cover with lid to put out flame, do not blow out.!! Not safe.

1 Single 16 ounce Soy Candle

  • No refunds, if unhappy with a product please contact seller.  No complaints to date on any of our products. Thanks

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