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All Candles 100 % Soy

Soy Base Candles - See Additional Information about scents in Info section. Some Candles will need to be made custom, by order. Burn time is 50 hours, when burning candles as recommended (4 hours at a time.) Kid, Pet & Environment Safe. 100 percent Soy Wax.


Candle Care Instructions;

*Burn candle for first burn at least 2 hours to allow even burn of wax.

*Must keep wick cut at 1/4, CD wick mushroom, to avoid soot when burning

*Burn away from Draft, no more than 4 hours at one time.

*Keep away from Children and Pets.

* Cover to put out flame do not blow out! Not safe.

BONUS: *You can use residual wax from jars. Just scoop into a candle warmer

1-10 ounce Double Wick Soy Single Candle- Scent Description Below

Candle Scent 1
  • Aroma of Sea Salt with accord of musk, sandalwood & Tonka beans.

    Jubilee Citrus

    : Citrus like no other, notes of tropical fruit , water and musk. Perfect in eve

    Ripe Apricot and Bashful Roses with sweet notes.


    - Sorbet, flower blend with musk and sandalwood, formwe BBW scent.

    Eucalyptus Spearmint- Great for relaxation to open up your senses but

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