Small price increase due to inflation of Soy wax.Black Box not included.

Soy Base Candles - See Additional Information to describe the scents below. Some Candles will need to me made custom on order which requires 2 weeks of curing. You will be notified.

Most Scent are to made on order. You will receive a note if need to wait 14 days .. 50-60 burning time.


Candle Care:

*Burn candle for first burn at least 2 hours.

*Must keep wick cut at 1/4, CD wick mushroom

so keeping at 1/4 avoid soot when burning.

*Burn away from Draft no more than 4 hours at one time.

*keep away from Children and Pets.

* Cover to put out flame do not blow out.!! Not safe.

Note:**Can use residual wax from jars & scoop in candle warmer

1-10 ounce Double Wick Soy Single Candle- Scent Description Below

  • Lemon Medley: Notes of Lemon Peel, Lemon Pound Cake & Lemongrass scented.

    Cashmere Woods- Warm woodsy Spice with Jasmine, amber and musk scents

    *Tobacco Bay Leaf- A Masculine fragrance with refreshing top notes of exotic sandalwood and cedar with warm musk.

    *Blackberry Rasperry Vanilla- Citrus Scent of fresh black raspberry accented with aroma of sweet crisp apple and vanilla

    *Georgia Peach- A smell of sweet Natural Peach juice and ripe peach, one of the best seller and most requested candle.

    Vanilla Birch: White Birch with vanilla and sandawood scented.

    Balsam Fir: Refreshing outdoor scent with a woody blend of pine nuts & warm musk cedar.

    Roasted Marshmallow: Holiday Delight, a scent to burn year round with sweet aroma of velvet woods, sugared vanilla bean and golden amber. A Scent up do not want to sleep on. Do not sleep on this Candle!!

    Palo Santo- Known to create a feel of positivity, Blended with sandwood, sweet patchouli with an enticing aroma of black pepper sandalwood and musk. Men loves this smell.

    Orange Cranberry- A clean fresh blend to awaken senses with a citrus note of orange and cranberry spice.

    Autumn Wreath - Clove, pine and cinnamon scent all in one candle. Great aroma candles for any holiday from September through Jan.

    Sparkling Evergreen- Imagine yoursel walking the the Evergreen Forrest. Pine fragrance highlight with aroma of champagne, Smell of Pear, Orange, and balsam oakmoss. An Amazing but wonderful scent.

    The Weekend- Sorbet, flower blend with musk and sandalwood, formwe BBW scent.

    Red Currant- Very Relaxing undertone, used by many Spa during massage therapy. Dark rich currant Berrie scented.

    Mango-Papaya- Sweet smell of Mango and fruit scent a keeper.

    Eucalyptus Spearmint- Great for relaxation to open up your senses but give off the best relaxing aroma therapy and stress relief

    Cranberry Crush: Citrus infused cranberry, perfect to rejuvenate the spirit.

    Autumn Walk- Reminds you of a romatic winter night in the cabin with your significant other. Woodsy pine, clove nutmeg blended cedar fragrance.

    Lavender Flowers: True smell of calming lavender infused in citrus and rose jasmine.

    Bourbon Butterscotch- A smell of Butterscotch infused in Bourbon. # 1 selling scent for our company.

    Bite Me (Bold 2): Notes of Sweet rich fruity, coconut, pineapple blend smell. Makes you want to sit and take in the smell.

    Evangeline: Woodsy Musk with hint of Winter feeling.

    Jamaica Me Crazy: Red beries, orange, grapefruit nfused in papaya and sweet coconut blend.

    Birch Black Pepper: Madarian, Cardamon, Black pepper infused patchouli and sandalwood.

    Sundried Apricot: a rich sweet smell of rich apricot.

    Champagne Toast: Former BBW scent: Perfect mix of berries infused in spalsh of champagne and tangeries.

    Butt Naked: Fresh Fruit, Cherry Blend, floral and hint of vanilla

    Amazing Grace: Fresh clean feminine fragrance through a medley of white florals over a musk base.

    Alright Alright: Southern Masculine frgrance with hints of bergamot, oakmoss and amber.