Due to warm weather in the summer month  All candles sold from June-August will be made with a Para soy blend to avoid melting during shipping. Thanks

*** Pick up candles will be made with 100 percent Soy wax.

Please make note on perference regardless below



See Scent description below. Custom Made on Order to offer requested scents


100 percent 10 ounce large soy candles with smooth burn and amazing scents. Burn time is  60-70  hours. See Additional Information for scent description below  or call seller regarding any candle scent at 770/367-0357.

Candle Care:

*Burn candle for first burn at least 2 hours.

*Must keep wick cut at 1/4, CD wick mushroom so keeping at 1/4 avoid soot when burning.

*Burn away from  Draft area  no more than 4 hours at one time.

* Cover to put out flamr, do not blow out.!! Not safe.

2-10 oz Soy Candles-( see notes below)

  • Chocolate: Only the best Chocolate Fudge to Smell !!

    Cashmere-   Sweet Top Note sprinkle over a ned of petals and fonish with smooth woody base. Hint of Jasmine, vanilla orchid and cedarwood.

    *Tobacco Bay Leaf- A Masculine fragrance with refreshing top notes of exotic sandalwood and cedar with warm musk.

    *Blackberry Rasperry White Tea- Scent of fresh blackberry accented with aroma of sweet crisp apple.

    *Lavender Flowers- Wonderful Aroma of fresh Lavender leaves promoting relaxation an calming relief . Great to light on a stressfull day.

    *Georgia Peach- A smell of sweet Natural Peach juice and ripe peach, one of the best seller and most requested candle.

    Balsam Fir: Refreshing outdoor scent with a woody blend of pine nuts & warm musk cedar.

    Fire Roasted Marshmallow: A Spice Nostalgic smell with hint of Vanilla blended with velvet woods. You will not be disappointed!!

    Palo Santo- Known to create a fell of positivity, Blended with sandwood, sweet patchouli with an enticing aroma. Men love the smell.

    Orange Cranberry- A clean fresh blend to awaken senses with a citrus note of orange and cranberry spice.

    Holiday Wreath - Clove, pine and cinnamon scent all in one candle. Great aroma candles for any holiday from September through Jan.

    Sparkling Evergreen- Imagine yoursel walking the the Evergreen Forrest. Pine fragrance highlight with aroma of champagne, Smell of Pear, Orange, and balsam oakmoss. An Amazing but wonderful scent.

    The Weekend- Plan to light during a romantic time with yourself or significant other. Men and women loves this endless scent.

    Red Currant- Very Relaxing undertone, used by many Spa during massage therapy.

    Mango-Papaya-Sweer smell of Mango and fruit scent a keeper.

    alyptus Spearmint- Great for relaxation to open up your senses but give off the best relaxing aroma therapy.

    Cranberry Apple Marmalade- Truly a cranberry Apple sweet scent. Best scent for gathering and family dinners. I like to call this candle a Reunion.

    Pinneapple Coconut- Yes a smell of coconut topped with roasted coconut. A scent to remember.

    Autumn Walk- Reminds you of a romatic winter night in the cabin with your significant other. Woodsy pine fragrance.

    Blue Hawaiian- Reminds you of the Blue water of the Carribbean Islands with a sweet serenity of Magic

    Bourbon Butterscotch- A smell of Butterscotch infused in Bourbon. # 1 selling scent for our company.

  • No refunds, if unhappy with a product please contact seller.  No complaints to date on any of our products. Thanks