Not for tub or soaking.  Use in Shower or place half in a pan with hot water to inhale if no shower.

5 Peppermint & Eucalyptus or Sinuse Kicker Menthol Steamers for shower only. Come in Powder and Cubes. See option below regarding Powder versus Cube. Powder gives more control with usage for aromatherapy,

 Steamers Cube can get 2 showers out of each steamers.

 Powder use as little or much as needed.


Menthol Essential Oil Steamers great in assiting in opening up respiratory passages  known tohelp with  stress and tension relief I like to call natural relief  to help  open nostils when congested.


Place on Shower floor away from direct water but want warm water to come in contact for aromatherapy effect.

Single Menthol Steamers (See Option below)

Steamers Foam
Scent of Menthol
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