The new 3  plus treament Pedicure Foot kit and Soak includes :


*4 ounce Jar of Foot Salt Soaks known to give comfort to tired and sore feet. Use 2 scoops and soak feet in warm water as long as desired to soothe Feet. ***

Only use to Soak Feet and no other Body Parts.


* 3.5 ounce Goat Milk Soap Bar with Loofah embedded in Soap Bar to exfoliate feet and remove dean skin.

* 0.5 Heel Helper Natural Oil Lotion Stick to massage and moisturize feet known to help with dry cracked feet. Soften & Moisturize to help your foot look their best.


Salt Ingredient: Magnesuim Sulfate ( Epsom Salt), Himalayan Sea salt, Activated Charcoal Sea Salt, & Menthol crystals.

Heel Helper Ingredients: Shea Butter, Jojoba , Avocado, Rice Bran, Rosehip and Vitamin E Oils with hint of Eucalyptus Mint Essential/Fragrance Oils.

Pedicure Foot Kit