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All Soaps made with Rich Hydrating Oils-Shea Butter, Coconut, Olive,  Sustainable  Palm Oil, Castor Oils , Lye , Distilled Water , Essential Oils and/or Hint of Fragrance oil. See each bar description below. Color May vary due to lot numbers of natural  pigment colorants. Fragrance and performance unchanged.

See Soap Descriptiom in Additional Info section below.




3 Bars Soap Bundle-Free Soap Bag

Soap #1
  • Eucalyptus Spearmint: Very refreshing with great lather properties and antimicrobial properties.

    Turmeric Litsea Cubeba- known for medicinal properties, Combination of turmeric and litsea Cubeba known to clear skin from unwanted bacterial with super cleansing properties. Help with brightening and reducing acne breakout. Made with only essential oil infused in organic Turmeric Oil.

    Activated Charcoal Tea Tree Peppermint- known to clear up pores while removing impurities by detoxing the skin and helping to clear up scars reduce acne breakout.  Great for Oily to normal skin combination, can be use on face and entire body. Great Facial soap for Teens breakout.

    Activated Charcoal Blend: Great facial soap infused in Litsea Cubeba to help with Acne breakout. Great for Teen skin that do not want to use an all black soap bar. Mase with only Essential Oil.

    Oatmeal Infused Peppermint- is an emollient making skin soft with gentle cleaning. Great for sensitive and dry skin. Oats are naturally moisturizing and hydrating for the skin. Great for Children with sensitive skin , reduces itching , soothes irritated skin which helps with reducing exczema flair ups and acting as an antibacterial. Great for all skin types. Made with Peppermint Essnetila Oil.

    Almond Honey-known moisturing and hydrationg properties.

    Veytiver & Citrus-Benefit of soap is to Detox, treat for inflammation with deodorizing. Great for improving Body odor and raved by  Chemo patients to leave fresh clean smelling skins. Leaves skin refreshing and mositurizing. Lemon , Grapefruit, Orange essential oils with hint of Veytiver fragrance Oils.

    Palo Santo-Benefit of this soap known to improve feeling of relaxation helping to ease stress an anxieity. Soap has hydrating and natural oil balance with Patchouli essential oils for cleaning with patchouli known for anti-aging properites.

    Cucumber Melon  & Mint Soap-Known to revitalizes the skin, giving youthful glow. Great cleansing properties with amazing soft smell of cucumber. Antibacterial properities.

    Barber Shoppe Soap Bar- Known for sharp masculine scent with a clean sharp finish, Has a Barbershop aroma with hints of aromatic spices and orange zest. Excellent noisturizing with strong clean properities.

    Oakmoss Sandalwood-Unique unisex soap with soft but amazing aroma , known for moisturizing and cleansing with geat lather and soothing of the skin. Relaxing and calming aroma.

    Lavender Flowes  and Chamomile Soap :Lavender has natural antiinflammatory and antiseptic properties. It can soothes and relax and known to soothe irritated skin, reduce scarring, Very calming, relazing and stress free aromatherapy.

    Champagne Pear Soap: Benefits known to Moisturizes making skin soft and supple with excellent cleansing quality.

    Chanel N Love :provides gentle exfoliation, helps to draw toxins from skin invreasin circulation and reduces skin irritation. Great fro most skin types in reducing inflammation.

    Oakmoss Sandalwood : Sandalwood essential oils with touch of cedar musk masculine hint smells. Both women and men love moisturizing properties.

    Cashmere: Smell of Cedar wood with sweet mush infused in natural oils for great leather and moisturizing properties.

    Apricot Grapefruit Mint: Citrus undertone with swwet apricot aroma, very refreshing.

    Apricot and Lavender: best seller providing relaxing and destress bathing while moisturizing skin. lavender essential oil with hint of lavender Apricot fragrance oils.

    Rosemary Mint: If you love the aveda Shampoo scent , you will love the fresh fragrance of this soap made with rosemary essential oil & rosemary mint fragrance oils.

    Endlessly N Love: First launc in Valentines Box with floral undertone and sweeet musk scent. light pinl with natural skin safe pigment mica.

    Orange Blossom: Fresh smell of citrus orange and magnolia blossom flowers.

    Amazing Grace: Similar to Philosphy type fragrance aroma of soft sweet scent to make you feel good.

    Loreley: Inspired by BW, great soap for body odor issues, grapefruit aroma.

    Lilac N Bloom: Scent of Jasmine, lily of the valley floral scent.

    Peppermint Soap: Made with Peppermint essnetial oil infused in peppermint fragrance Oil.

    Orange Blossom: Fresh scent orngr and magnolia blossom flower.

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