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Use in Shower only ~ Do not Soak in Bath tub. If chose mix, make note of scent selections of 4 steamers.


*Green- Sinus kickers- Blend of Essential/fragrance oil infused in fresh crystal menthols.


*White- Eucalyptus Blast Infused in Eucalyptus Essential, Eucalyptus Mint Spa Fragrance, fresh menthol crystals.


*Yellow-Fresh lemon scent infused in menthol crystals.


* Lavender- Fresh Lavender infused Eucalyptus scented to relax you while showering.



Some people just do not have time to take long baths.

Take a deep breath relax, renew to create a shower to remember.


They are loaded with fragrance/essential oils that are soothing and relaxing created just for you. Each cube , if used correctly should allow 2-3 showers.


Instructions: Place steamer away from direct water flow. Steamers are activated by warm steam of water barely touching the steamer, then move out of water flow to allow for more than 1 shower.

5 Menthol Shower steamers

  • Includes 2 greens , 2 whites, 1 lemon

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