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Use in Shower only, Do not Soak in Bath tub.

*Green- Sinus kickers- Blend of Essential/fragrance oil infused in fresh crystal menthols.

*White- Eucalyptus Blast Infused in Eucalyptus Essential , Eucalyptus Mint Spa Fragrance & fresh menthol crystals.

*Yellow-New Lemon Drops, fresh Lemon citrus blend infused essential and fragrance oils in menthol crystal

Some people just do not have time to take long baths? Take a deep breath relax, renew to create a shower to remember. They are loaded with essential oils that are soothing and relaxing created just for you. Should get 2 -3 shower if you place steamer away from direct water flow. Steamers are activated by warm steam of water barely touching the steamer, then move out of water flow to allow for more than 1 shower.

5-Menthol Shower steamers

  • Includes 2 Green, 2 White & 1 Lavender

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