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8 ounce- Aloe infused whipped Soap Sugar Scrub which can be used as a Scrub to exfoliate or as a Shaving Soap which protects skin follicles. If you love the Aveda Rosemary Scent you will love this Scrub.

Made with Rich Cocoa Butter, Aloe, Glycerin, SCS for lather, Coco Betaine, Vitamin E & Fragrance .

Turmeric Scrub known for skin brightening of dark areas and preventing ingrown hair follicles after shaving. 

Aloe Whipped Soap Sugar Scrub

  • Sold at shows in Butter & Scrub Sets.

    Now available in Large 8 ounce to allow 2n1 Exfoliation and Shaving. Infused with Aloe and cocoa butter to make whip soap easy to shave and exfoliation without slippery risk in shower or tub.

    *Turmeric UnScented will not leave skin w orange residual, known. To prevent ingrown hair follicles after shaving and decrease dark spots wit brightening properties.

    * Jubilee Citrus -Scented

    * Champagne Pear -Scented

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